Use cutting-edge prescriptive analytics to make better decisions in less time.

From staffing to production planning to inventory management, Fox Optimization can help businesses make better decisions in less time by leveraging the power of Prescriptive Analytics. With our easy-to-use Staff Fox online staff scheduling application, managers can quickly create schedules that better meet business staffing needs (including reducing costly overtime), while also better meeting the scheduling desires of staff, thereby reducing turnover and increasing productivity.

We put this power into the hands of scheduling managers, with little training and no technical knowledge required on their part, by having Staff Fox do the hard work for them. The manager retains total control of the objectives, constraints, and results while letting Staff Fox create and evaluate more possible schedules in seconds than a manager might be able to in a lifetime.

The result is managers can spend way less time on the mind-numbing parts of scheduling while at the same time significantly increasing their value to the company and their enjoyment of their role.

Have more time to focus on your business.

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Have more time to focus on your business.

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Prescriptive Analytics is focused on identifying the best decision to make in a particular situation given an objective (such as minimizing labor costs or maximizing revenue), the decision variables you control (such as staffing levels or assignment) and a series of business constraints (such as having a given level of staffing available to meet a given set of patients needing treatment).

Global companies like Federal Express, SAP and McDonalds all use Prescriptive Analytics to help them make better staffing, production and vehicle routing (among many other) decisions in less time and with less effort than would ever be possible without these tools. However, until today these tools were out of the reach of smaller businesses given the need to build custom models and applications for each customer from scratch, and then buy the dedicated solvers needed for the solutions.

We have turned that model on its head by building applications that target specific Predictive Analytics problems in a way that multiple businesses can take advantage of them without having to build from scratch, and then delivering that capability as a SaaS solution which allows us to better leverage the back-end infrastructure (such as the solvers) to further drive down costs.

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